E-Tivity 3: Personal Reflection


Over the course of the second semester, the BUS4074S module in E-marketing has introduced me to a broad range of new concepts. It has been a wonderful learning experience as it is a field in which I have had little to no prior understanding of in the past. It has become apparent to me over the past few months how critical it is to fully conceptualise the various facets that make up the digital world, as people consume digital content on a daily basis. The clarity for me in realising the significance of this has been profound, as I know that in an ever digitising world the supremacy of digital marketing is becoming an unchangeable reality. Soon all other marketing forms will become a remnant of the past, while some generations will no doubt lament the loss of traditional marketing, ultimately this process is inevitable. The set structure of lectures, tutorials and the workload were very manageable if one were to study the course outline in the opening week of the semester and prepare well in advance for each tutorial, e-tivity and the group project. The most important aspect of the e-marketing course for me was undeniably the e-portfolio. This was largely due to the fact that it was an ongoing project based on an entirely foreign concept to me, unlike tutorials which are based on thought pieces which have been a central part of my studies for some time now. I consider the idea of learning how to shape one’s own personal brand an invaluable skill, as it sets the foundation for professional reputation; its how you choose to package and communicate yourself, your career and your skill set. An aspect of the course in which I feel I am lacking and would like to gain a deeper understanding in is how to effectively and efficiently mark tutorials in the peer review area of the module’s tutorial process. I would recommend having a lecture pertaining specifically to how one should go about a peer review and providing the students with the skills necessary to give each of their fellow students the mark they deserve. As I felt that I was ill equipped to adequately mark three tutorials under the time constraint, and another issue arose in exactly when and where leniency should be given. This being said, the overall course in e-marketing has been an incredible journey of joy with instances of frustration, but in a nutshell the positives have outweighed the negatives. I will certainly take what I have learnt and use it in the competitive environment that awaits me beyond this institution.




E-Tivity 2: Hellocomputer Infographic

The Infographic activity was incredibly insightful. Although I have used Powerpoint on many an occasion, I gained a great deal of understanding through the use of Pixlr, which was new to me. An issue which arose however, was that it became difficult dragging object around as they would often overlap.  An infographic could be used as a means of summarising vast quantities of data which could be either primary or secondary and present it to either customers or management. Digital marketing invariably increases the need for content which infographics can simplify. HelloComputer should take certain steps to ensure that it is effective. They should ensure that the data which has been collected is reliable and relevant. It is important to only include necessary information which can validate their strategy.

We live in an age of “Big Data” which means that global data traffic is higher than it has ever been before. In a day we create 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos. All of this content is far too vast to make sense of all at once, that is exactly why infographics are used. They organise, collate and curate info into manageable content. People love facts, figures and statistics, this can be used effectively in attracting consumer attention. Inforgaphics can provide global coverage that local print media could never.E-Tivity 2ver do.

e-tivity 1: Digital Footprint


In Marketing, the value of social media has proven to be one of the most essential factors in business operations. 90% of marketers turn to social media with their advertising efforts, and 92% of recruiters use it to target new hires.  In countries like the U.S it is almost considered ‘suspicious’ to not have a Facebook account. Even in South Africa, a third world country on the heels of the developed world, social media has proven its ability to spread its influence over public opinion

After goolgeling myself, I came to a shocking realisation that very little online information exists about me. My name certainly seems to be one of the least recognised of all those within the google data base. If I narrowed it down to Cape Town, I noticed that connections began to emerge in terms of my High School, Bishops Dioceasan College, and certain achievements I had attained whilst attending it such as Rowing Regatta victories. In order to improve this very poor online visibility, I believe immersing myself within the various social networks should help improve it, I believe that in doing so it should establish a growing network of an increased following which should undoubtedly increase my online visibility.  I would have to say that my Facebook account is very restricted and that only my close friends are aware of my online social activity.  My position currently as a future professional in terms of e-marketing is lacking but with enough commitment and creativity it should improve in time.

In activating my online presence over the up and coming months I intend to create a stream of relevant and meaningful information that provides value for readers, who will then find this content and decide for themselves if it is something they can agree on. A major step which I intend to take towards the end of the year is to buy a domain with my first and last name. Not only will this make it easier for others to reach me, but this personal website can serve as the central hub for my entire online footprint. I shall make it a directory to point to my Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, and others that I may wish to join. In joining wordpress.com I have already begun to adapt my understanding of the social media box Facebook has engulfed me in. This will serve as a platform to speak my voice freely and openly. wordpress.com is a brilliant means of establishing ones thought leadership and authority on a topic, it can help build my relationship with an audience, and it can drive search engine traffic.  The result of building a fully integrated online presence will demonstrate my digital skills to employers and other professionals.  Going through the process of designing a website, creating a blog, reasearching and writing articles, and then leveraging your online network to make connections are valuable experiences in themselves and can value ones work ethic over someone who may not have taken the time to do all of this.